Element of synthetic chili alkaline / (≥ 99% )
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Product brief introduction»

Product name: Synthetic chili is alkaline
Alias: Ren - amine of acerbity herb acyl, synthesize chili element, n- (4- hydroxyl - 3- armour oxygen base benzyl) Ren acyl amine
English: Nonivamide
Alias: N-Vanillylnonamide, N- (4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzyl) Nonanamide
CAS № : 2444-46-4
Structural formula: C17H27NO3
Molecular quantity: 293.4
Product content: ≥99 % (HPLC)
Melting point: 58 ℃
The exterior: White or kind white is pulverous
Because this product had significant component content tall, add a capacity small, period of efficacy is long wait for a characteristic, have very good market perspective consequently.

My company uses own technology, artificial synthesis chili always alkaline chili of medium main and active part is alkaline monomer, product purity achieves 99 % above, and product value is the 15-20 % with natural alkaline chili only.

Taste main application to wait for a respect in industry, military affairs, agriculture originally. Produce for example, make alarm with defensive weapon, without social effects of pollution marine piquancy is anti-fouling lacquer, reach prevent formic, prevent rat, avoid to avoid the agent reachs biology pesticide raw material to wait.

Product feature»

Brand Bis-biotech
Product model 003
Product standards 0.25kg, 1kg, 5kg
Company name Henan times special limited company of biology science and technology