Chili red pigment (E10---E200)
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Chili red pigment is to use pure physics method, extract pigment of liquid of a purificatory kind of cardinal oily shape from inside natural chili. Chili red pigment belongs to 4 terpene kind kind of carotene department is natural pigment, its are main component is chili red element of jade of red element, chili and maize element, the bases of maize element is β- carotene and jade cream-colored qualitative, they have active of vitamin A appearance, chili is so gules element not only colour and lustre is bright-coloured, and have effect of nutrient health care. Heat-resisting of chili red pigment, be able to bear or endure smooth, do not suffer value of environmental P H and metallic ion to affect, security is high, can adjust physiology metabolizes. In should tasting food be been in by wide application, cosmetic and pharmacy industry, use as colorant.

Brand Scitech
Product model E10---E200
Product output 600 tons
Contest of company name Qingdao is special flavor limited company