2007 China (Guangzhou) fair of trade of industry of international bamboo cane an
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Cloth extends time: 2007-9-19 comes 2007-9-19

Show time: 2007-9-22 comes 2007-9-24

Sponsor an unit: Cane of bamboo of international of association of Chinese bamboo industry is organized

Can exhibit an address: Road of Guangzhou city Lin Hexi horizontal stroke 121

Exhibit a place: (Guangzhou) Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise house

What belong to an industry: Agriculture, environmental protection, live in things, gift, handicraft, act the role of article

Postpone meeting brief introduction: When organization of international bamboo cane holds water 10 years, by association of Chinese bamboo industry, international Zhu Teng organizes what sponsor jointly " fair of trade of industry of Zhu Teng of Chinese Guangzhou international " , it is to rely on industry of cane of our country bamboo to develop and expand in home, it is main turning point in order to export at the same time, one of main cities with the most active commerce that using Guangzhou is home (before the factory after inn) geographical advantage, make platform of trade of products of global bamboo, cane. This second exhibit can hold in Guangzhou will break through before domestic industry exhibits the bottleneck of the meeting, organize mode with what the flutter, synchronism that enrol business undertakes, assure to exhibit of the meeting cogent showpiece the effect; Take the lead in order to invite government of 30 bamboo country, association form a delegation ginseng exhibit expand this second extend meeting dimensions and influence; With abroad each industry business (assist) meeting, be stationed in Chinese consulate commerical department to take the lead the commerce that organizes other country, purchase organization and individual to arrive exhibit meeting site to look around centrally with palaver, make exhibit the consequence of the meeting and international market to conform truly. Extend meeting branch 5 exhibit a house greatly: House of products of carbon of building of house of house of country of Chinese characteristic bamboo, craft of bamboo cane high-quality goods, bamboo and packaging material house, bamboo and bamboo industry use a house integratedly, exhibit an area nearly 20000 smooth rice, concentration is revealed at present the hair of bamboo cane industry shows shape and gain of science and technology. The mobile content that joins the 8 Dali that exhibit to be abounded by ◆ is promotional the cooperative opportunity of supplier and trafficker; (consult please in detail mobile content) Guangzhou of ◆ base oneself upon (one of main cities with Asian area the most active commerce) , near neighbour Hong Kong (one of global commerce port) , nearly 250 thousand commerce buys derive a resource; ◆ whole world crosses a country to purchase an organization to garrison " exposition of goods of bamboo, cane " ; The corresponding period of congress of foreign trade of ◆ and Chinese lumber, wood is held, deduce jointly " plenary meeting of trade of products of bamboo, wood, cane " ; The group with ◆ authoritative elaborate + extends a concept, make trade of classics of goods of world bamboo cane read extensively grand meeting, predicting spot welcomes domestic and international visitor 25000 person-time, international bamboo cane organizes each member country and halt China delegate of consulate commerical department will appear exhibit meeting site, with ginseng postpone a business collective communication and palaver, the production of goods of cane of bamboo of stimulative our country is made, trade is current wait to the domain expands and develop; ◆ and " Guangzhou is postal " cooperate, pass " DNB " international industry database, and by " DNB " offer industry major to buy a concentration to invite look around exhibit meeting. (the resource of bamboo course of study of countrywide postal system is close 50 thousand whole worlds are effective resource can be used for us) ; ◆ makes full use of wide hand in the abroad of the meeting to buy a resource, the course is old with wide hand in a guild hall (Chinese foreign trade shows a group) successful collaboration, build good each other to believe a foundation, presswork 500 thousand " visiting invitation " invite all previous wide the international that pays respect of goods of meeting Zhu Teng basically buys the home " Zhu Teng is exhibited " look around with palaver. Portal of network of industry of timber of ◆ home large bamboo -- Sen Hu net is publicized grandly, the net is exhibited cover a range wide, information content is big, force is powerful, the Guangzhou bamboo Teng that is you exhibits follow-up conduct propaganda whip and spur! Exhibit item of expenditure to look (1) handicraft bamboo makes up Zhu Teng of ◇ of goods of bamboo of cane of ◇ of appliance of daily expense of Zhu Teng of ◇ of furniture of Zhu Teng of ◇ of house of craft of Zhu Teng high-quality goods picture (2) bamboo makes man-made of bamboo of ◇ of house of material of building and packaging board ◇
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