[Be good at rich is met] industry of health care of the 6th China International
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Cloth extends time: 2007-11-12 comes 2007-11-12

Show time: 2007-11-14 comes 2007-11-16

Remove extend time: 2007-11-16 comes 2007-11-16

Sponsor an unit: Communication of international of Chinese Medical Protection promotes board of nutrition of meeting China health care cure hurried is met inferior international of Bo Wei of world of Beijing of association of product of health of international of United States of healthy and professional committee shows limited company

Can exhibit an address: Battalion of Buddha of sunny area stone east in 132 1-206

Exhibit a place: China International exhibits a center

What belong to an industry: Agriculture, medicine, maintain, food, beverage

Postpone meeting brief introduction: → of ◆ market prospect holds business chance, successful shortly! 21 centuries are one pays attention to green, advocate healthy times! Chinese government in March 2006 will " public nutrition health care is improved " bring into " economy of countryman of People's Republic of China and social progress eleventh compendium of 5 years of programs " , this indicates the government already started a China that has 1.3 billion population problem of health of nutrition of mankind of macroscopical adjusting control, senile nutrition health care consumes the market in nutrition of very tremendous, student also is written into system, Olympic Games to will pay close attention to product of athletic nutrition health care more! The state-operated in making raises healthy industry to develop quickly, exceed activation China one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan nutrition health care to consume the market. For this, will in November 2007 14-16 day is in center of exhibition of Beijing • China International to hold " exposition of industry of health care of the 6th China International and nutrient health product " abbreviation " be good at rich is met " . The enterprise of nutrient health care in aiming to be takes the wind of the Olympic Games to walk along door going abroad to march toward international to provide platform, to attract content of science and technology tall foreign nourishment, high grade raw material and most advanced nutrition processing technique are mixed equipment creates a condition, for international of enterprise of nutrient health care collaboration builds bridge, the state-operated in making raises sanitarian enterprise to be changed to dimensions, collectivize, cross a country to change, the way that high-tech changes develops, enhance competition ability of international of enterprise of health care of our country nutrition. At the appointed time the distribute agent that orgnaization of training of the orgnaization of nutrient scientific research of a few nations of world that we give priority to specially invite United States, England, Australia, Japan, Korea and area, trafficker, special physical ability, chamber of commerce, association and more than 10000 China have actual strength most and business exceed catenary to lock up an orgnaization on behalf of, await respectively your presence!
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