2007 middle east (enlighten do obeisance to) autumn international trade fair
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Show time: 2007-12-9 comes 2007-12-12


Can exhibit an address: Enlighten do obeisance to an international exhibition center (Yuan Di does obeisance to world trade centre)

Exhibit a place: Enlighten do obeisance to an international exhibition center (Yuan Di does obeisance to world trade centre)

What belong to an industry: Agriculture, the sources of energy, environmental protection, traffic is carried, building, building materials, machinery reachs industrial product, live in things, medicine, maintain, gift, handicraft, act the role of article, motion, recreational, toy, food, beverage, office, culture and education, pack, paper, cap of dress, shoe, safe, defend, stock keep long in stock, steam rub reach fittings, presswork, publish, spin, leather, electronic electrician, communication product, electric home appliances

Postpone meeting brief introduction: Middle east (enlighten do obeisance to) exposition of international fall merchandise is thalassic area the year of the most influential force shows grand meeting integratedly, rise steadily and the person that begin to begin to add many exhibition through adding from 1986 expands with the person that look around its famous degree, grow as the stability that attends a number every year now, of personages of more and more professional high level present look around, enlighten Bai Qiu hands in the exhibition trade that can have made a the richest vigor to trade platform. This is exhibited can undertake by AL FAJER of world-renowned exhibition company, it is to pass international exposition alliance (UFI) of attestation famous exhibit meeting, a the use of UFI meeting mark is exhibition important quality assures. The system of promotion of puissant conduct propaganda of AL FAJER company will be to exhibit meet what can be bought a height to pay close attention to as always by middle east and relevant area assure. In last few years, chinese government and enterprise are in the process of market of development middle east, all exhibit this can serve as those who land middle east market is important one pace, it is to enter middle east annual the direct car with convenient and quick market of 200 billion beautiful round spending. Bureau of hair of Hong Kong trade begins from 2004, organize ginseng of industry of region of about a hundred Hong Kong 3 years to exhibit continuously autumn hand in meeting, they are in exhibit during the meeting, initiate product of Hong Kong fashion to exhibit, autumn of have the aid of is handed in meeting, enlighten do obeisance to for gangplank, open middle east market, development and middle east, dealings of North Africa trade, effect is distinct, market report is enthusiastic.

Contact a method: Shanghai case rich can exhibit service limited company

Address: Shanghai day looks on the west road square of north of 99 Shanghai brake 9 D, E
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