2007 China face Zi exhibition of congress of the 2nd farming film
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Ginseng exhibit charge to exhibit a norms home to exhibit business level (3M of 3M × ) RMB 3500 yuan / install especially exhibit (hire since 36m2) RMB 400 yuan / square metre

Exhibit meeting cycle: Annual

Contact a method: China faces Zi congress of the 2nd farming film is met Wu group

Contact: Jiang Luhua of Lv spring of hypo of Wang Qin plum

Phone: 0533-6094799, 6094899 6292599, 6293599, 400-811-5599

Fax: 0533-6094321

Network address: Http://film.chem99.com/

Mailbox: Kangzw@chem99.com

Address: City of rich of Shandong province Zi faces Zi area one Nuo road 18

Postcode: 255400

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