2007 China face Zi exhibition of congress of the 2nd farming film
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Cloth extends time: 2007-9-21 comes 2007-9-21

Show time: 2007-9-23 comes 2007-9-24

Remove extend time: 2007-09-25 comes 2007-09-25

Sponsor an unit: Zi rich city faces eminent of Shandong of government of Zi division people to start information limited company

Can exhibit an address: Face Zi neat sports city (rich of Shandong • Zi)

Exhibit a place: Face Zi neat sports city (Shandong Zi rich)

What belong to an industry: Agriculture

Postpone meeting brief introduction:

Agriculture is the principal property of relation the national economy and the people's livelihood, the country takes seriously very much all the time. Farming film is the significant production data in agricultural production. Farming film crop of China occupies world first place, and the greatest farming film that Shandong faces Zi is the whole nation machines base, its crop occupies the 1/4 of total output of countrywide farming film. In recent years, replacement of the product that industry of film of our country farming is faced with, equipment, technology is updated etc the issue is more and more outstanding. For the better communication that promotes farming film trade and collaboration, accelerate gain of science and technology change rate, in Feburary 2006, eminent achieves information to be in those who face government of Zi division people to advocate below, held successfully " China faces Zi seminar of market of the first farming film " . Congress got the participation of industry of many 500 farming film, exceptionally grand occasion, achievement is outstanding. To promote the rapid development of industry of film of our country farming further, will found to continue " Chinese farming film machines base -- face Zi " brand activity is brought to development, government of people of the division that face Zi, eminent achieves information to decide in September 2007 22 ~ are in Shandong 24 days to face Zi to hold " 2007 China face Zi congress of the 2nd farming film " . Congress includes farming film seminar of farming film market and exhibition of farming film industry two parts. Invite sincerely now global machinery of supplier of supplier of raw material of company of farming film production, farming film, farming film auxiliary, farming film produces business to wait attend farming film exhibition, exhibition product, reveal trade of equipment, technology communication, classics to negotiate. Congress team does square hope to be able to be public figure of farming film industry to provide directer communication platform through be being exhibited this colleague of all circles of society of cordial welcome attends a meeting look around! Program arranges cloth to extend time: September 2007 21, 22 days (8:00, 18:00)

Show time: September 2007 23, 24 days (8:30, 16:30)

Remove extend time: On September 25, 2007

Limits of item on display is agricultural raw material of machinery of filmy, farming film, farming film, auxiliary, farming film is relevant new product, new technology, new achievement.
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