2007 exhibition of food of international of Seoul of the 25th Korea
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In recent years, because Korea government adopts vigorous international trade policy, korea already made one of overseas markets that emphasis of our country exit company develops, the heat food that Korea international food is exhibited is Chinese enterprise first selection more is exhibited meeting, accordingly, to cooperate the exit of our country food, develop Korea market further, the exhibition of food of the 24th international that house of big Han trade entrusts award ceremony to exhibit service limited company to organize Chinese enterprise to attend to was held in Korea Seoul on April 27 at coming on April 24, 2007, inform concerned item as follows now:

One, exposition is basic the situation is as follows:

1, exhibit meeting name: 2007 exhibition of food of international of Seoul of the 25th Korea

2, showpiece time: On April 24, 2007 - on April 27

3. Sign up end: On December 31, 2006

4, showpiece dot: Korea international exhibits a center

5. Exhibit a product: Candied, biscuit, dairy produce, fastfood, recreational / convenient food;

Healthy / health food, condiment is tasted / flavor, additive agent for food and raw material;

Beverage&Alcoholic beverage (bishop, beer, liquor, wine of each country characteristic, soft drinks, fruit juice, healthy beverage) coffee;

Vegetable, fruit, birds, cereal, aquatic product, refrigerant with convenient food, cooked food is tasted;

Tea and coffee / the consumptive things of tea;

Food processes material, biscuit candy machines equipment and treatment accessory, beverage / brew treatment opportunity, cold drink / refrigeration machinery equipment, reach its food home appliance to wait. Restaurant, hotel, the equipment of the supermarket and machine enter kitchen appliance&Equipment, cooking appliance, bar / the service equipment of cafe, food serves facility, food stores equipment, provision provision device reach other

6, showpiece form: Give priority to showpiece with objective, add wait for propagandist data with photograph, model, example.

7. Sponsor square: Korea trade house, association of Korea food industry

8. Visiting object: Eating house, food serves, firm, entrance, jobber, wholesale, food / drink manufacturer, make, treatment, department store, supermarket, retail, restaurant, inn, guild hall, government organization, manufacturing team, education, scientific research mechanism, abroad beg buy business, abroad the person that look around, other

2. Exhibit meeting general situation:

City international food is exhibited (2007) it is in Korea history the provision with the longest the biggest dimensions is met technically, since kicked off first 1983, arrive all the time 2007 will be the 25th, it is the exhibition with delegate Korea the most authoritative food, also be Korea suffers international exclusively to exhibit alliance (UFI) admissive provision is met technically. Every annual meeting has a lot of to beg buy business or the large exposition that the personage awaits this to representing Korea and Asian provision related food industry. The assembly room is covered an area of 25, 000 square fair rice, in Korea international exhibition center is held, korea international food extends scope big, audience administrative levels is high. Bigger effect is had in international food and food treatment industry.
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