International of the 27th United States irrigates exhibition general situation
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International of the 27th United States irrigates exhibition irrigates by the United States association is sponsorred, it is the scale on the world is the largest irrigate industry major is exhibited meeting. Previous term or session is exhibited can those who come from world each country make an appointment with 320 ginseng to exhibit business ginseng, showpiece content involves agriculture, horticultural, lawn and golf field to irrigate technology and equipment.

China serves as an agricultural big country, as national economy and comprehensive strength rise, right agricultural irrigate the demand of equipment is higher and higher also. To help China irrigate enterprise and user understand international market demand and technical development situation, strengthen international collaboration and communication, group of American Pan American is in exhibit can sponsor support next forming a delegation just to attend American international irrigated 2006 exhibition irrigates to the United States industry production and market condition undertake making an on-the-spot investigation study.

Exhibit meeting information

Exhibit meeting name: International of the 27th United States irrigates exhibition

Extend meeting time: In November 2006 5 – 7 days

Exhibit meeting address: Anthony of American Texas emperor abstruse city

Scheduling: Whole journey is 13 days, will visit elder brother of alternate of new York, Philadelphia, Washington, Las Vegas, emperor, los angeles to wait for city of groovy tourist attraction. If need detailed knowledge to visit the journey, ask as direct as us connection

Extend meeting requirement

1, ginseng exhibit reaching visiting unit must be the government sector that pursues relevant estate, enterprise and individual

2, always sign up the unit that join and individual, unified by sponsor an unit to register intercurrent and formal invite;

3, business arrangement. Will by exhibit can sponsor just wait for an unit to take the lead, orchestrate professional activity. At the appointed time, join it is OK to exhibit an unit the characteristic according to him business, raise the requirement that business activity plans.

4, charge list:

Cost signing up, RMB 3000/ person includes certificate fee, make an appointment cost, interview grooms reach subscription; Whole journey airline ticket reachs the charge outside the condition, RMB 29000/ person, this charge is the collection after getting visa;

Contact means

Delegate of Beijing of group of American Pan American is in

Beijing east the city zone founds a state the ave inside the door 7

Brilliance Chang'an edifice handles official bussiness a 706 rooms zip code: 100005

Contact: Aperture gentleman

Phone: 010 6518 7486, 6518 7487 (extension 15)
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