The agriculture in jumping over negotiates via trade communication meeting
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With " commerce of produce of 2006 Shanghai international, machinery and processing technique and equipment exhibition " the corresponding period is held
Time: On April 12, 2006 afternoon 1: 30
Place: Hall of skirt of Shanghai exhibition center (the road in Yan'an 1000)
Basically attend a person:
In square: Home concerns door of Ministry of Agriculture and partial enterprise delegate
More square: Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture plans to manage enterprise of official of agency of vice director, department, part is represented
More square 30 enterprises, divide 5 groups to communicate in group, content involves: Produce (vegetable of nutlet of tea, coffee, waist, fruit, balata, white sugar) , food (rice, ground rice, vermicelli made from bean starch, noodle) , machinery of stock raising, agriculture and equipment, handicraft.
1, in square compere speaks, both sides introduces delegate and member
2, in square leader makes a speech
3, just be stationed in more China business affairs makes a speech
4, more square delegate introduces native agriculture case
5, in just introduce native agriculture case
6, in answer of more bilateral query concerns an issue
7, rest 15 minutes
8, cent becomes 5 groups freedom communication query

The agriculture in jumping over negotiates via trade communication meeting (free communication negotiates)
Enter meeting receipt
______________ of unit __________________________________ full name
Phone _______________ faxes _______________
_____________ of address __________________________________ postcode
Join meeting personnel to count ____________________________

The fax after copying please can sponsor an unit:
Fax: 021-63853791 refers a telephone call: 021-53067447, 63017958, 63056753
Contact: Miss Xu Wenyan, xing Yiping