Starch of the 2nd 2007 China International and amylaceous ramification (Shanghai
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Hold date: 2007-04-18 comes 20 days
Hold a place: Shanghai international farming exhibit a center (rainbow bridge road 2268)

Can exhibit a description: Ginseng exhibit recommend company list

Changchun becomes a group greatly
Zhucheng promotes trade corn to develop limited company
Limited company of industry of yellow dragon food
Shandong is gigantic can corn of gold of electric power group develops a company
Thailand SCT limited company
Thailand peaceful China (the masses) amylaceous limited company
American jade the metric system tastes international limited company
Holand delegate of Beijing of amylaceous and mechanical limited company is in Niwoba
Holand is as high as mechanical production limited company
Sweden helps company of Er dark amylaceous equipment
Beijing luck thinks of health food technology (reach a project) limited company. . . (acting Holand a person of extraordinary powers power)
In Wei Si cut down inferior place of delegate of Beijing of limited company of centrifuge food technology
Jiyiai technical equipment (Shanghai) limited company (GEA)
Germany is able to bear or endure relax pump line of business (Lanzhou) limited company
Germany is beautiful most when foreign firm company
Happy Jia Wenyang goes (Germany)
Group of hill thing king
The Qin Dynasty limited company of starch of Huang Daoli Hua
Huarun surpasses force issue to amount to corn industry limited company
Yunnan embellish triumphant promote and amylaceous limited company
Piece a limited company of harbor China big centrifugal
Changzhou one pace dryer limited company
Limited company of starch of Guangxi silver-colored wheat
Limited company of starch of Yunnan cloud Yang Gongtai
County of Guangxi Wu Ming is quiet and amylaceous limited company
Limited company of starch of zoology of Hainan peaceful source
Inner Mongolia is triplex and amylaceous goods is finite liability company
Zhu Chengrun gives birth to amylaceous limited company
Limited company of engineering of Zhengzhou elite starch
Without limited company of starch of Sikkim hill tower
Hua Runsheng changes Inc.
Inner Mongolia Nai human relations limited company of agricultural science and technology
Heibei be good at civilian limited company of amylaceous sugar industry
Limited company of starch of hill of Shanxi ancient hill
Beijing small fast surpasses limited company of ability instrument technology
Limited company of machinery of Inner Mongolia Bo Saida starch
Shanghai Venus machinery is industrial limited company
Langfang is general and mechanical limited company
Limited company of broken equipment of Shanghai Shuang Longfen
Shanghai chemical industry is mechanical 3 factories
Hangzhou shellfish is special filter limited company
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