Exposition of agriculture of the 40th world is joined postpone an announcement
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Hold date: 2007-02-13 comes 15 day

Hold a place: American California Tulali city

Can exhibit a description: The 40th world agriculture exposition is joined postpone an announcement

The international that world agriculture exposition is support of American government focal point is exhibited meeting, it is exclusive one includes American government to purchase the agriculture of the plan kind exhibit meeting. Every are exhibited can meet attract a whole world exhibit business and governmental trade mission numerously to attend. The government that there were more than 70 states 2006 and company mission played fair of agriculture of the 39th world. Exhibit can involve of all kinds and agricultural, cultivate, pasturage, irrigation works irrigates, the field equipment such as forestry and farming herd product. At the appointed time will high official of numerous United States and famous agricultural company controller attend.

China serves as an agricultural big country, as national economy and comprehensive strength rise, chinese government is taller and taller also to agricultural attention. Below the support of center of international of world agriculture exposition, before group of American Pan American organized partial home relevant company, expert successfully, attended toward the United States the 38th, exposition of agriculture of two 39 worlds. For the communication of farther promotional and Sino-US two countries on agriculture and collaboration, 2006 Pan American group hand in hand association of Chinese agriculture machinery will organize domestic relevant government sector and company unit to play the fair of agriculture of the 40th world 2007 again.

Exhibit can information

Exhibit meeting name: The 40th world agriculture exposition

Extend meeting time: In Feburary 2007 13 – 15 day

Exhibit meeting address: American California Tulali city

Scheduling: Whole journey is 13 days (provisional) , will visit elder brother of alternate of new York, Philadelphia, Washington, Las Vegas, emperor, los angeles to wait for city of groovy tourist attraction. If need detailed knowledge to visit the journey, ask as direct as us connection

Exhibit can serve

1, ginseng exhibit reaching visiting unit must be the government sector that pursues agriculture and relevant estate, enterprise and individual;

2, always sign up the unit that join and individual, unified by Pan American group assistance ginseng exhibits an unit to register and development can invite formally;

3, business arrangement. Will by exhibit can sponsor just wait for an unit to take the lead, orchestrate professional activity;

2, exhibit an expense: Indoor: 1260 U.S. dollors / 9 smooth rice; Outdoor: 980 RMBs / smooth rice. Application date of expiration: On September 30, 2007. Because stall amount is limited, sponsor an unit the announcement is unwarrantable the unit that every first time ginseng exhibits can take booked area, charge is with actual area accurate.
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