2006 China (Wei lane) exposition of agricultural science and technology -- seed,
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Sponsor an unit: Government of people of Wei lane city undertakes unit: Jinan China exhibits of exhibition limited company to support an unit: Communication of international of agriculture of China of Chinese agriculture academy of sciences promotes Shandong of of research center of technology of project of informatization of agriculture of China of association of professional technology of meeting China country to save Shandong of agrotechnical promotion station to save specially invite of bureau of agriculture of city of lane of Wei of company of seed of city of Jinan of agricultural academy of sciences abroad cooperation group: Australia farming United States of stock raising association farming organic agriculture chamber of commerce is stationed in Korea of association of the communication in stock raising chamber of commerce, meaning China supportive orgnaization: U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization is stationed in China branch of Beijing of association of trade of Korea of place of delegate of Beijing of committee of whole nation of the commerce in planning arrange to be stationed in China to represent place beauty on behalf of place world commissariat
[world agriculture sees Chinese China agriculture see Shandong] Shandong is agricultural big province, it is the throughout the country's important produce production base. Centrally " 3 farming " the guidance of policy and drive below, in recent years complete province agriculture and rural economics stabilize healthy progress continuously, present an auspicious situation that has no for years. The multinomial index such as volume of export of standard of equipment of agricultural total output value, agriculture, produce all lists the whole nation the first. Who had Shandong, who had China, contain is worn here boundless market opportunity. Wei lane city is Shandong peninsula economy opens an area, it is Shandong the concentration of province farming by-product produces one of divisions, it is the birthplace of countrywide agriculture industrialization. Level of science and technology of degree of systematism of integrated productivity, farmer, agriculture and main produce crop are in agriculture complete province and even total national capital have fixed seating arrangement. Growing line of business is the main component of Wei lane agriculture, main crop came true basically thoroughbred change. The area that develops Wei lane area adequately advantage and radiate drive action, better extend Shandong commodities market, mix by government of people of Wei lane city Jinan China exhibits exhibition limited company to be held jointly " 2006 China (Wei lane) exposition of agricultural science and technology " will be in on November 17, 2006 the international exhibition center holds Wei lane Fuhua. Powerful powerful combination, make Wei lane jointly exposition of science and technology of agriculture of the first brand, partner of strategy of border of knot allied country[5 exhibit an area greatly baronial dimensions invites you to share] showpiece dimensions: Predict to exhibit an area 20 thousand smooth rice, exhibit 800, ginseng postpone business area of garden of industry of new and high technology and area characteristic agriculture exhibit agriculture of many 500 ◆ area◆ seed, fertilizer, pesticide, order goods trade to exhibit machinery of area ◆ agriculture and component major to exhibit an area with high-level forum◆ section water irrigates, major of conservatory technology equipment exhibits an area ◆ farming by-product, food and major of processing technique equipment exhibit an area[ginseng extend range] ◆ seed exhibits an area: 1, seed, kind vaccine production, manage, the business such as treatment trades negotiate;
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