The 4th China (Linyi) exposition of international agriculture science and techno
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Develop to drive agricultural modernization further, the conduct propaganda that increases agricultural new technology, new achievement, new product is popularized, offer to show arena for branch of scientific research of enterprise, agriculture, school, science and technology of sufficient play agriculture is added in our country rural economics, farmer close, the action in agricultural increase production, hurried has the communication between course of study and collaboration, on before we are being summed up a few foundations that exhibit can successful experience, society of association of Chinese country professional technology, China farming relevant sponsor an unit decide on October 20, 2006, 22 days are in Chinese Shandong square of hill of tower of Cang Shan county is held " the 4th China (Linyi) exposition of international agriculture science and technology " .

The theme of current Nongkehui is " show gain, expand bring endowment, stimulative commerce, promote cooperation " . The concerned leader that will invite national ministries and commissions at the appointed time, domestic and international famous expert, be stationed in China official of business affairs of diplomatic and consular missions, halt China company of foreign trader of delegate of commerce stimulative orgnaization, condition is stationed in China orgnaization of supermarket of orgnaization of place of courtyard of enterprise of delegate, experience farming, scientific research, foreign trade, large chain, large produce, negotiate in order to purchase the form such as seminar of meeting, theme, symposium, free dialog, reveal our country agriculture to be in in the round " 15 " during positive result of obtains science and technology. The problem that the respect such as the financing outside discussing application of technology of export trade of modernization of our country agriculture, produce, advanced production and churchyard exists generally and answer program. The problem that waits for a respect in the light of policy, management, science and technology, capital undertakes communicating extensively, collective delibrate raises level of safety of quality of our country produce quickly, promote market of our country produce competition ability, increase the major task of the respect such as farmer income.

■ ginseng extend a program
1, fill in ginseng exhibit requisition, after building official seal, mail or fax to congress organizing committee, ginseng the organizing committee after exhibiting application to be received will pass a fax or mail means affirms application.
2, exhibit in application ginseng congress collects holding cost or deposit to assign an account inside a week after be being affirmed, inaccuracy of exceed the time limit admits ginseng exhibit a qualification, exhibit will apply for first by " , pay first, allocate the principle arrangement of " first, all ginseng exhibit charge to need to be in extend a week before can kicking off inside paid.
3, after exhibiting a classics to affirm, ginseng exhibit business to must not cancel or make over.
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