Produce of the 6th whole nation (Shanghai) trade exposition general situation
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Hold date: 2006-12-15 comes 18

Hold a place: Shanghai international farming exhibit a center

Can exhibit a description: Nongbohui 4 large window:

1, recommend healthy food to walk into world rich project: World rich can be held in Shanghai 2010, attend world rich to meet 200 many countries and international organization ginseng are exhibited, person-time of 8 ten million attends, during to ensure world rich is met, food is supplied and more notting have food of pure natural green enters social effects of pollution, shanghai started world rich to be able to install total provision work. Borrow this action to do " produce of the 6th whole nation (Shanghai) trade exposition " , the commodity that postpones a business for outstanding ginseng walks into food safety project to create good opportunity.

2, promotion conduct propaganda of Nongbohui: We will be in net of farming rich net, global agriculture net, Chinese food industry, China web of food of grocer Wu net, whole nation, wait for a hunderd schools ginseng of each conduct propaganda on big website postpones a business. Will use oneself industry dominant position, release a variety of forms such as academic communication to invite a client to attend to be participated in with trade public figure through media of letter, network, E-mail, newspaper, placard, broadcast, news!

3, Nongbohui gives ginseng exhibit an enterprise make communication platform, we produce the dominant position that uses oneself adequately the consequence inside the industry and appeal power, the organization invites Shanghai each are big free market of agricultural products, farming by-product terminal market, non-staple food tastes terminal market, china couplet, couplet China, happy buy, Yi Chulian is beautiful, Mai Delong, good Le Fu of much, home, but, beneficial friend, chain joins in purchase department, food factory, pack, company of foreign trade of hall of treatment, hotel, snack attend a meeting exhibit business to execute spot butt joint with this second ginseng, will join the product that exhibits business to bring into Shanghai sale to pass Shanghai port to move toward the world. Will invite Hua Dongliu to save door of one town Ministry of Agriculture, agronomy to be able to be taken an active part in at the same time. Believe this congress will become Hua Dong area again farming rich grand meeting.

4, Nongbohui recommends activity of product of name spy actor to broad consumer, nongbohui invites food industry expert, ginseng to exhibit enterprise delegate, people to form evaluation group, poll through consumer exhibit a product to choose to joining with the means such as expert evaluation. Will set for: "Without food of food of satisfaction of food of social effects of pollution, pure natural food, customer, healthy nutrition, new science and technology is invented " wait for award, issue pot, medal and honorary letter. Announce to the society through relevant media!

Exhibit program arrangement: Report for duty cloth exhibits: On December 14, 2006
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