General situation of Fair of 2006 Guangzhou seed
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Hold date: 2006-12-10 comes 12

Hold a place: Guesthouse of Guangzhou day rainbow

Hall of agriculture of province of officer unit Guangdong

Sponsor agriculture of unit Guangdong province center of thoroughbred demonstrative promotion

Guangzhou seminal chamber of commerce

Guangdong saves crop hybrid the advantage uses a station

The country signs up for south of group of trade of southern daily cable

Program of a ready source of money of Pearl River channel of Guangdong TV station

Assist do seed of unit Hong Kong chamber of commerce

Chamber of commerce of Beijing Haidian seed

Hubei seminal chamber of commerce

Harbin seminal chamber of commerce

Nanchang seminal chamber of commerce

Chamber of commerce of Shenzhen town seed a person of same business

Hefei seminal chamber of commerce

The Anhui province seminal chamber of commerce

Association of Tai'an city seed trade

Guangzhou is southern farming of kind of course of study endowment central market

Chinese agriculture net (

Chinese vegetable net (

Limited company of design of law of gold of city of advertisement representative Guangzhou

Respectable client:

Thank you to be opposite very much " 2006 Guangzhou seed Fair " support of your kind effort.

Hold by Guangdong seed chamber of commerce " 2006 Guangzhou seed Fair " will be in Guangzhou city on December 10, 2006 Tian Hong guesthouse is held. Current Fair dimensions is baronial, will provide an admirable communication platform for seminal bound colleague, for the whole nation unit of each agriculture scientific research and expert creation show the arena of scientific research achievement, to solve trends of science and technology of produce and sale, and the technology of achievement of science and technology makes over creation good condition. Guangzhou seed chamber of commerce invites sincerely you to attend at the appointed time.

2006 Guangzhou Fair item

, conference program

On December 10, 2006: Report for duty, cloth is exhibited

On December 11, 2006: The product is revealed, information communication, business negotiates

On December 12, 2006 morning: Congress opening ceremony

2, meeting ground is nodded

Report for duty: Guangzhou city Sha Tailu guesthouse of 163 day rainbow

Cloth exhibits: Tian Hong guesthouse square

Farming endowment: Guangzhou is southern farming of kind of course of study endowment central market

Opening ceremony: Guangdong saves agriculture square of center of thoroughbred demonstrative promotion

Cultivate reveal: Guangdong province agriculture is thoroughbred demonstrative promotion center, melon, dish, eggplant, any of several hot spice plants kind new thoroughbred reveal (1000 many breed) . Delicacy is fed (sweet, glutinous) corn is new breed is revealed (100 many breed)

Meeting theme: Popularize admirable breed, belt movable estate development, show area advantage, advance agriculture to cooperate.
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