The 4th China (Linyi) general situation of exposition of international agricultu
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21 centuries will be the crucial period that implementation of our country agriculture spans to modern agriculture from traditional agriculture, in the time that goes nearly 30 years, our country agriculture had great progress, but, the contributive rate that science and technology of our country agriculture produces to agriculture is merely 45% the left and right sides, as lower than us as developed country photograph 20 to 30 percent, return the level under a few developing countries even. The positive result of agricultural science and technology that our country obtains every year has 6000 probably multinomial, but have nearly 2/3 stop in lab or experiment cropland; Accordingly, solve the problem that our country agriculture exists, necessary support science and technology progresses, strengthen scientific research of our country agriculture and technical promotion to allow heavy and the path is far.

Develop to drive agricultural modernization further, the conduct propaganda that increases agricultural new technology, new achievement, new product is popularized, offer to show arena for branch of scientific research of enterprise, agriculture, school, science and technology of sufficient play agriculture is added in our country rural economics, farmer close, the action in agricultural increase production, hurried has the communication between course of study and collaboration, on before we are being summed up a few foundations that exhibit can successful experience, society of association of Chinese country professional technology, China farming relevant sponsor an unit decide on October 20, 2006, 22 days are in Shandong square of hill of tower of Cang Shan county is held " the 4th China (Linyi) exposition of international agriculture science and technology " .

Linyi, be located in Lu Dongna, show administer 9 counties 3 areas, population 10.15 million, area kilometer of seventeen thousand two hundred square, it is Shandong province area the ground level city with the biggest, most population. Linyi already became the throughout the country now production of timber of food of oil of important fertilizer, vegetable, pasturage, grain, flesh, Chinese traditional medicine, breed, treatment base, enjoy " the vegetable garden austral Shandong " , " Shandong high grade barn " beautiful praise, formed with " bright spring day " " Shidanli " wait for those who be a delegate " Chinese fertilizer base " . In the meantime, smooth city county is judged to be " the countryside of Chinese honeysuckle " , the county that face Shu is " the countryside of willow of Chinese a surname " , tan city county is " the countryside of Chinese ginkgo " . Cost county is named to be " the countryside of Chinese Chinese chestnut " , " the countryside of Chinese watermelon " , unconscious shade county is " the countryside of Chinese apple " , the county austral Ju is " the countryside of Chinese strawberry " , " the countryside of Chinese tea " . County of dark green hill shows vegetable to cultivate an area to amount to 1.1 million mus, it is base of the throughout the country's biggest greens colza establish. Green sells as far as to country and the area such as Japan, Korea, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan without product of social effects of pollution, get the favour of consumer. Hold in Linyi internationally agricultural exposition, have climate, favourable geographical position, person and advantage.
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