Exposition of science and technology of agriculture of the 6th whole nation [int
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Exposition of science and technology of agriculture of the 6th whole nation [Integrated] time 2006-11-12 comes 2006-11-14 Showpiece dot exhibits agrarian international exhibition center of Shun of house title Jinan to contact an unit how does area of rising sun of Beijing of place of connection of organizing committee of exposition of the 6th countrywide agriculture science and technology enclosed ground for growing trees Lu Jia of Di Jiang of contact of zip code 100029 contacts 17 204-206 room phone 010-64940496

Exposition of science and technology of agriculture of the 6th whole nation
Science And Technology of   of The 6th Exhibition Of Agricultural

China is rolled out the first times ginseng exhibit exhibition of safeguard system brand
Ginseng extend safeguard system:
1, assure to visit stream of people second 25000 people above, short of is returned ginseng exhibit expense, ensure join the lawful benefit that extends an enterprise.
2, the company that joins Nongbohui all has the honor to win name of unit of membership of board of countrywide agriculture exposition, avoid hand in one annual meeting to expend (6000 yuan) , award certificate and member bronze medal, key enterprise and product are issued recommend product name certificate and medal.
3, the organizing committee holds Nongbohui to communicate bender grandly, will invite enterprise and key to purchase big client to undertake communicate and negotiating, every attend an enterprise to avoid 2 people quota of people.

Attend to attend those who have safeguard to exhibit meeting!
The choice is exhibited angrily with respect to choice somebody meeting!
Investment is exhibited valuably with respect to investment meeting!
Exhibit the red Gong Lielie that exhibits!

Show time: November 2006 12-14 day
Exhibit house address: Jinan Shun agrarian international exhibition center

Sponsor an orgnaization: Chinese industry economy grows a center
Association of industry of China International fertilizer
Chinese area develops stimulative meeting Committee for Economic Development
Institute of economy of agriculture of Chinese agriculture academy of sciences
Technology of Chinese agriculture biology learns
Chinese agriculture science and technology is promoted meeting
Chinese animal produce is current association

Undertake unit: Conference of international of Beijing luck couplet shows limited company
Couplet room (Beijing) international can exhibit concoctive center
10 thousand graphs of Shanghai think of luck to be able to exhibit service limited company
Rich meeting exhibits administrative limited company in Jinan
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