Fair of food of · of vegetables of fruit of the 8th international [fruit vegeta
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Fair of food of · of vegetables of fruit of the 8th international [Fruit vegetables] time 2006-9-23 comes 2006-9-26 Big driveway exhibits city of showpiece Yantai of dot Shandong province 128 numbers international of Yantai of house title China can exhibit a house contact center of news of trade of classics of international of Yantai of center of international trade of Asia-Pacific of unit China Yantai to contact place Shandong to save market of Yantai city rising sun 3 buildings of 80 beautiful edifices contact of zip code

Fair of food of · of vegetables of fruit of the 8th international

Conference general situation
·Time: In September 2006 23, 26 days
·Theme: Make green lasting
·Sponsor: Technology of Asia-Pacific of project of agriculture of U.N. Asia and committee of society of Pacific Ocean economy, U.N. Asia-Pacific and mechanical center, U.N. transfers science and technology of Department of Commerce of center, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China, China supply and marketing of whole nation of bureau of forestry of country of bureau of expert of foreign country of country of Ministry of Agriculture of ministry, China, China, China, China cooperates total company, China
·Undertake: Government of people of city of Shandong province Yantai, Shandong saves hall of collaboration of foreign trade economy, Shandong to save Science and Technics Agency, Shandong to save agricultural hall, Shandong to save forestry bureau, Shandong to save cooperation of supply and marketing to combine a company
·Assist do: Vegetables of fruit of green of organization of collaboration of international green industry, Asia association of food of green of guild, China
·Support media: Chinese vegetable net
Www.vegnet.com.cn Chinese agriculture can be exhibitedWww.agronet.com.cn Food of net of industry of food of net of business affairs of food of Chinese fruit dish, China, China, China exhibits agriculture of meeting net, China food of food of industry of food of net, China, China and foreign countries and package machine, China makes industry
·Actuator: China (Yantai) center of Asia-Pacific international trade

Conference content:
The exhibition is revealed
·Place: Yantai international can exhibit a house (Yantai city big street 128)
·Dimensions: International standard is exhibited 600
·Charge: ① is indoor exhibit (ginseng of home of 3m × 3m) postpones business 3500 yuan of RMBs / , abroad ginseng postpones business 800 dollars / ;
② outdoor exhibit (4m × 4m) 2000 yuan RMB / ;
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