Invitation letter of congress of industry of chili of first whole nation
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The of first chili production that our country is house whole world consumes big country, in recent years, increase as market demand, crop of our country chili and export increase steadily, the price lasts on raise, develop every year with the speed of 7% , have very large market space. In the meantime, also exist industrialization rate is low, industrial catenary is out of line, unifinication information network is short of the difference that miss. The problem that current chili industry solves urgently is: Break section dividing line, build national news platform, implementation information is shared; Overcome close consciousness, participate in communication collaboration with open mind, implementation mutually beneficial wins more. For this, hold plenary meeting of industry of chili of first whole nation, assemble of the elite inside course of study, in all a major programme of lasting importance of business estate development is imperative. This is the plenary meeting of industry of national chili major that since founding a state, holds first, predicting dimensions 400 people, invite sincerely your presence congress!

Congress target Join breeding, help advance somebody's career, chain of property of treatment, sale; Build the official inside course of study, produce, learn, grind interactive communication platform; Provide information of product, technology, equipment, market, policy; Form network of sale of countrywide chili unifinication.

Congress theme Catch breeding, weigh treatment, drive farming of any of several hot spice plants to add with enterprise synergism close; Buy the whole nation, sell the world, welcome market competition in order to open mind.

Congress is sponsorred Organizing committee of congress of countrywide chili industry (by Chinese agronomy meeting special local product learns Chinese horticulture composition of center of promotion of food of special local product of China of meeting chili branch)

Congress undertakes Secretariat of congress organizing committee (set in Jilin to save food to learn)

Time place Reported for duty on August 28, 29~30 day attends a meeting, jilin visits guesthouse conference center

Congress content Hold the meeting in 4 meetings at the same time:

Expert seminar, by China big Professor Xia Yanbin waits for Zhang Baoxi of farming division courtyard's researcher, Hunan farming famous expert is done inside course of study " current situation of countrywide chili industry and development trend " , " chili breeding trends " , " chili is deep treatment is new.

Seed, product exhibits Fair of be in harmony, chili seed, primary with treatment product, equipment and packing are revealed trade.

New technology of new breed, new product, treatment is recommended meeting.

Interactive informal discussion, discuss breeding to help advance somebody's career, processing technique, relative standard, how to build chili market network, program of work of alliance of industry of chili of discussion whole nation.
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