The standard of rudimental set limit to that the United States publishs careless
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The standard of rudimental set limit to that the United States drafted to publish careless amine of fluorine of pesticide third alkyne to go up in partial vegetable a few days ago. Careless amine of third alkyne fluorine is a kind of low poisonous agriculture chemical that contain fluorine, the cropland be intermingled of the crop such as soja of can effective eliminate, earthnut is careless, development prospect is good, but our country is confined to soja and earthnut to cultivate. As we have learned, in recent years in the new-style pesticide variety that the whole world develops, the pesticide that contain fluorine is as high as 50% above, had made the dominant variety of pesticide industry. The United States publishs this standard this also is to stem from the end that assures food safety. The United States is our country's main produce commerce associate, the industry should notice new standard related our country make, vantage ground is held in foreign trade.
The rudimental set limit to of careless amine of third alkyne fluorine: 0.02mg/kg of dry ball of oily 0.04mg/kg of 0.04mg/kg of peppery mint head, peppery menthene 0.04mg/kg, spearmint head 0.04mg/kg, spearmint, onion, garlic bulb 0.02mg/kg, green bulb 0.02mg/kg, tuberous the vegetable 0.02mg/kg with corm.