Value of market of greens of Indian admire Nai
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On December 25 Indian admire Nai (Chengnai) price of vegetable of share of area Koyambedu market is as follows: Cucumber 9 rupee, 4 rupee of anguine Hu, yam 5 rupee, root of plumage wild cabbage 7 rupee, balsam pear 7 rupee, melon Er beans 6 rupee, chinese cabbage 3 rupee. Carrot 8 rupee, chili 10 rupee, ginger 22 rupee, beet 7 rupee, potato 11 rupee, onion (Bellary) 7 rupee, small onion 25 rupee, cross tomato 7 rupee, this locality tomato 6 rupee, plantain (100) 200 rupee.