Price of Indian chili reduction of output is climbed litre
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According to Indian media " commerce standard " print covers, because the crop of Indian chili is compared beforehand the amount of appraise decreases, because this is current the price of Indian chili is quite high. Afore-mentioned media say, experts think strike of this one price won't be long, estimate yield per unit raise what can make up for crop to glide. As a result of persistent damp climate, make this basically produces Indian Andhra Pradesh base (Producing Centres) the price of chili, every kilograms ever are as high as 30-32 India rupee. This year (2005) October before the first ten days of a month, the price of Indian chili is every kilograms are 20-25 India rupee about; And rebound to be close to to every kilograms again now 30 imprint rupee. According to trafficker of a few India people say, because basically produce season 2005, farmer people the profit that grows chili is too small, so this year of Indian chili cultivated gross area to reduce 30 % almost. Although chili every kilograms average price is 20-24 India rupee, but this pair of farmers people still do not have appeal.
Estimation arrives fall to produce season, of Indian chili cultivate an area to still will reduce 10-20 % further, crop has 625 000 about, 650 000 ton; And the crop that goes up to produce season is 650 000, 700 000 ton.