Philippine preparation exported vegetable 2008
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Although home is vegetable manufacturing inadequacy, price is strange tall, philippine ambitious preparation exported vegetable 2008. Vegetable advocate Bengute visits producing area governor Feng Mo tells media, this province farmer already did good outcome vegetable to arrive the preparation of Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong market. He says, when Aluoyao's president inspects green jade to precious jade last month, requirement aggrandizement saves vegetable production originally, allocate funds 10 million use at purchasing cold chain system to be mixed with the deposit to last than all alone vegetable. Fengmo's governor says: "We already can satisfy Japan to ask to plant pathology, sanitation and the standard that spend completely. Exclusive the country that we need to compete is China " . It is reported, orchid is in place on the west buying price is every kilogram 25 than all alone, and export price is achieved 150 than all alone. The farmer that green jade preciouses jade still intensified the production of lettuce, celery, hotbed chives and asparagus, export in order to have.