Agency of credit of village of a surname county supports chili estate developmen
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Agency of credit of village of a surname county in order to support " 3 farming " economic progress is oneself, increase strength of credit support agriculture ceaselessly, below the support of this company, the chili of 8 administrative village cultivates area under administration course of study and raise ox, crisp pear to grow course of study is 3 big dominant industries of local, make the new window that local economy grows.

In give aid to chili produces development to expand in the process, this company took 3 step. It is to raise specified number of higher primary school credit awards letter forehead to spend. Will one, 2, the farmer of user of 3 class letter is small credit awards letter forehead to spend raise 10 thousand yuan respectively, 20 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan, solved major farmer effectively to assure because of lacking mortgage and form " loan is bad " problem, simplified loan procedures, made sure support agriculture capital extends in time. 2 it is to use what already established is small farmer credit shop, active open farmer is small credit, follow along with do, shortened loan time, improved work efficiency. 3 it is to carry out farmer couplet to guarantee loan in the round, the big fund requirement that large to mortgaging the farmer that assure acquires Agricultural Machinery and Implement, dimensions changes the aspect such as construction of production, infrastructure, carry out farmer couplet to guarantee loan energetically. Current, already accumulative total is cultivated to chili door extend loan 4.29 million yuan, utmost ground satisfied chili to cultivate a spring ploughing to produce capital requirement.

Be in of li of village credit agency support energetically below, chili of whole area under administration cultivates an area to break through 10 thousand mus to close greatly, increase many mus 2000 than last year. Especially completely project of treatment of chili of Hua Qi food is in the bibcock business that prefectural farming by-product processes li of village put into production later, drive local chili to cultivate walk up span type develops course. This year, only limited company of food of Hua Qi of a surname county is cultivated with what farmer signs, buy contract of new breed chili to have 1036, cultivate an area to amount to 2120 mus. Perfect to build " travelling merchant of city of province of produce and sale of main chili of denotative whole nation, chili of town of couplet periphery county cultivates manufacturing base inside " development mode, walk along support chili to cultivate for farmer of area under administration, of treatment, sale become rich knack laid solid foundation. According to calculating, only chili industry, farmer year net income of average per capita can increase 1500 yuan.

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