Chili of Yunnan grave north breaks through barrier of western nation trade to en
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Grave north county faces the quandary of our country product in the be rebuffed in export trade, transformation force is motivation, hit " green " card, make Qiu Bei the biggest special local product, the trade barrier that chili breachs western country, enter an international market.

Winter of grave north county spring arid and apparent, xia Qiuyu measures concentration, it is the optimum area that chili grows is mixed advocate produce a division. Help advance somebody's career as a result of district condition and long-term tradition method, its product is had small even, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, fleshy thick flavour is thick, grease and vitamin content are high, hot sweet seed is much, appropriate treatment, do not contain the characteristic such as pesticide incomplete poisonous social effects of pollution, compare with the chili breed photograph of other area, more show trait. Examine according to inspection bereau of Yunnan imports and exports, pulp of grave north chili contains a variety of nutrition part: Vitamin C content is as high as 89 ∽ 100 grams of 185 milligram / , the 29.6 ∽ that are aubergine 61.6 times, the content such as adipose protein, organic acid, carotene all the 3 tassel any of several hot spice plants of Japanese that prep above enjoys great reputation quite and the fragrant flower that Henan saves are hot. The certificate of honor of product of high grade exit that reason ever had the honor to win department of trade of the classics outside the country to issue, qiu Bei is labelled by Yunnan chili produces demonstrative base, be met by Chinese agronomy committee of major of economy of special local product awards " the countryside of Chinese chili " title.

To make chili takes door going abroad, grave north county is main attack direction with producing green product, add content of science and technology, establish chili institute in time, from the branch such as prefectural finance, science and technology, finance, agriculture investment gives aid to capital 11.35 million yuan, undertook extract rejuvnation to traditional product, introduced " look any of several hot spice plants " and " Korea is hot " , groom early or late technical backbone 50 thousand more than person, carry out help advance somebody's career without social effects of pollution, convert the farmhouse that handles via fermenting adequately is fat. Grave north county still gives aid to 11 enterprises undertake chili series product is developed, preliminary form " base of + of company + farmer " development pattern. Chili of entire 2004 county cultivates an area to amount to 120 thousand mus.

Nowadays, grave north chili sells the province such as past Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Guangxi not only (area) , export more than 10 countries such as the United States, Japan, sri lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Canada, Indonesia and area. This year, the United States " GTE " company of good taste food and Qiu Bei's biggest chili sale company amounts to smooth chili finite liability company signed 3000 tons supply agreement, established long-term cooperation relationship. Qiu Bei's biggest chili processes a business " grave north county always bright science and technology develops finite liability company " of production annulus cut chili to encircle (Japan weighs round of Qietangxin child) still sell went to Japan chili market.
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