The person that American salmonella is affected exceeds 1000 Mexico to give birt
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Because salmonella pollutes unripe tomato and American each district creates customer the number of unwell be laid up has exceeded 1000 people, this is the United States comes nearly 10 years, because of the most serious epidemic situation that food causes. Additional, the authority concerned also includes blacklist certain chili. In occupying Taiwan wide news network reports 10 days, american disease control and the officer that prevent a center show, at present specific tomato still is likely pathogeny, the people should avoid to be born as far as possible feed. Additional, body system of power of weak, immunity not of beautiful the people, for example old people and cheeper, had better not edible Mexico gives birth to chili. Because the disease controls a center to investigate discovery, these unripe chili also caused a few peoples recently unwell. Food sanitation expert points out, chili may not be exclusive prime criminal, because be in,people food middling sees " Sha Sha sauce " included a variety of food modulation such as tomato, chili, onion, garlic, salt namely and into. The authority concerned expresses, whether can chili cause the people unwell, still need further investigation.