Mexico denies its chili is American salmonella ill epidemic situation " prime cr
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Xinhua net Mexico city on July 26 report (reporter Wang Fan) producing chili in the light of concerned Mexico is the salmonella disease that the United States breaks out of late the view of cause of epidemic situation infection, mexican government made a statement a few days ago say, this one accusation lacks necessary evidence, mo Fang just already raised solemn and just protest to the United States at this point. Accordingly media reports 26 days, a Erwei of minister of development of farming herd fishery, countryside holds Mexico in the palm Kadenasi Ximennisi is in · say in statement, heretofore of branch of American wholesome quarantine did not offer any scientific evidence to show Mexico produces chili is fountainhead of salmonella ill epidemic situation. Mexican government already issued solemn and just protest to American food and medicaments management board, say beautiful square concerned accusation may bring about be thwarted of Mexican produce export trade to harm interest of Mexican agriculture generator. American food and medicaments management board issue a warning 25 days, remind consumer not to want edible Mexico chili and relevant product. This orgnaization still announces 21 days, the United States gets Kesasi one food component sells the administrative division a kind of Mexico in storehouse produces chili to be discovered to contain salmonella, it and the bacteria that cause American salmonella ill epidemic situation belong to same bacterium to plant. This year in April since the middle ten days of a month, 40 many cities of American report in succession discover salmonella ill case of illness, heretofore already had sicken of nearly 1300 person, among them about a hundred person because be in hospital of be in a bad way. This year in June, american food and suspicion of medicaments management board produce a few kinds of tomato from Mexico to carry salmonella, the tomato that is in border area to export the United States to Mexico undertakes sealing blocking up, cause nearly 30 thousand tons of tomato that appears on the market in the United States on July beforehand slow-moving. Confirm via detecting after, mexico produces tomato and American salmonella ill epidemic situation to do not have correlation. According to statistic, the tomato that the United States consumes every year has 84 % to be imported from Mexico. Salmonella is a kind of bacteria that travels through food, egg of birds flesh, birds is the main source that causes human infection, pork, beef, corn, fruit and vegetable are portable also this kind of bacteria. The conference after the person affects salmonella appears have a headache, disgusting, bellyacke, vomiting, diarrhoea and calorific wait for a symptom.