Mexican chili confirms suffer salmonella to affect contaminative source still un
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American federal provision and medicaments management board (FDA) official points out 21 days, the Mexico that they already were in to sell a processing by component of the food that get a state imports chili " Jalapeno " in, find this with complete beauty the bacterium with salmonella same infection is planted. Wholesome official suggests consumer should avoid to be born eat this kind of chili and relevant product. According to the United States " bright newspaper " 22 days of reports, FDA and disease control center (CDC) official, 21 days make above announce in the press conference, and with " significant breakthrough " appearance discovers this. But they emphasize, although suffer contaminative chili to come from Mexico, but representing chili is to be in Mexican farm to get pollution, they are searching infection origin and account. Announced statistical figure that day according to center of confederative disease control, only then from epidemic situation of medium in April completely beautiful salmonella, cause 1251 people infection, influence place and include the United States and minority Canada brigade beautiful tourist. Wholesome official decides lock of this infection focus the tomato in certain breed at the beginning, but the doubtful tomato origin that did not think in them all the time, discovery causes the holy Paul salmonella of this infection. Enlarge the warning to two kinds to come from chili Jalapeno of Mexico, Serrano later. FDA removes to be warned to the edible of tomato last week, reason is now the tomato in market is the farm that there is harvest tomato when coming from epidemic situation to erupt. They express, new discovery still did not eliminate tomato of carry out of previous market place to affect the likelihood of the source for this salmonella. What be gone out to have chili of holy Paul salmonella by check is to get the component of a food of the city to sell, they already agreed to reclaim the chili that carry bacterium.