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Actively adjust the agricultural structure Zhongmou capsicum bumper harvest ac
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Pick up a bright red pepper, Zhongmu County village of Yao Liang Junlan home smiling from ear to ear Leong: "our household there are six or seven kinds of peppers, and an acre of land yields up t o 5,000 pounds, the most expensive pound to the time sold more than 3, the most expensive but also have more than one. "Liang Junlan watermelons family of three this spring, all kinds of greenhouses and pepper on the extension of autumn," and this year was a good year. " "Pepper should have been listed in the summer, we use the watermelon harvest idle shed, greenhouse vegetables to guide farmers to plant, the effect is very good." Yao said home Lvguo Zheng, deputy mayor, township, village is the first Ka Yan autumn planting pepper, The original dozen families, now has grown to at least one acre per household in the greenhouses, the township has more than one million mu of cultivated area. Autumn Pepper extension listed after the National Day, has been able to continue into the Spring Festival Eve. Because it is anti-season vegetables, the price of natural high than usual. In recent years, Yao hometown guiding farmers restructure agriculture, greenhouse watermelon, strawberry, greenhouse vegetables, increase income of farmers has become a pillar industry of the township. Yao Central Plains home has become the largest production base of pollution-free greenhouse watermelon precocity; Spring Village's best-selling strawberry outside the province, "Chun-Feng" brand of strawberry has become a well-known brands in our province; greenhouse pepper and Kaifeng, the capital of at least supply the market demand of the five as above.