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Yunnan Wenshan open market to enhance online chili pepper trading patterns
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Pepper is my state's main cash crop, Qiubei, Yanshan County is the main producing areas. 2009, 90 million mu of cultivated area across the state, a total of 285,000 farmers pepper, yield 90 million kg, the output value of 1.08 billion yuan. Pepper and In recent years, average annual export products in 2000 million U.S. dollars, becoming larger in Wenshan Prefecture and the provinces of a single agricultural product exports. But there are still traditional Wenshan pepper and backward transactions, trading patterns in order to enhance the level of pepper, Business Bureau and the state, "says The Mall" website links on the site e-commerce platform construction Wenshan pepper. Pepper Wenshan area of open, it will establish a market information flow, standard and efficient flow of new models across time and geographical barriers to communication and pepper both supply and demand in a timely manner, so that the cultivation, processing enterprises (households) and When market information, expand sales channels pepper, reduce transaction links, avoid huge fluctuations in output and price benefits of instability caused by asymmetric information to avoid loss of interest.