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Pepper Queen of the business story
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Share pepper, chili sales, profits and taxes with pepper more than 600 million years, Baoji, Chairman Zhao Fengxia Famen Pegasus Trading Co., Ltd., led the women folks bravely to the sea, was affectionately known as "pepper Wong After. "Recently, she was named one of the top ten agricultural female brokers. Zhao Fengxia Fufeng County in Shaanxi Province. More than 40 years of age, she looks smart and capable. With extraordinary courage, her courage, keen market strategy to accomplishing an annual sales of Tianma Trade Co., Ltd 260 million yuan, Products are exported to Singapore, where Japan's leading enterprises. She founded the "company + association + base + farmer" pattern, with the rich farmers driven 25,000, the average annual income increase of 2.1 million. Her company has In Shaanxi Province, the Ministry of Agriculture designated as "professional farmers cooperative economic organization of project demonstration units." Fufeng County was elected the seventh CPPCC Standing Committee, the Tenth People's Congress of Shaanxi Province, "Pepper Queen" Zhao Fengxia, had a difficult struggle. In 1984, she organized the Murakami sisters, the use of slack time in Xi'an, Baoji City, engaged in small articles of daily wholesale apparel wool business. The sea continues to temper for Zhao Fengxia recognize that contemporary women not only to their own Wealth, but also bring more folks together to get rich. She recruited nearly a hundred brave the difficulties of rural women in the family, run from the Embroidery, actually brought to the employee's average annual income of 3,000 yuan, annual average than the local farmers Per capita income exceeded 3 times. From then on, Zhao Fengxia bolder bigger. In 1986, she huh purchase and sale of pepper, and again under the South alone will Jiangxi, Shaanxi pepper into the market. Zhao Fengxia also want the county produced more than 3,000 farmers Tons of pepper all sell out, led the staff traveled to Hunan, Jiangxi, Tianjin, Sichuan, Guangdong, Xinjiang and other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the province more than a dozen counties, cities pepper market. In 2001, Zhao Fengxia to the opportunity of developing the western region, and foreign signed a sales contract for 4,000 tons of pepper, and the introduction of advanced technology and equipment in the province built the first automated production line of dried chili, so Fufeng County and surrounding counties pepper cultivation, acquisition, processing and marketing of train services will be improved, greatly improving the quality of pepper production. Today, her company has built a high standard 3,000 acres of demonstration bases pepper, pollution-free base of 2 acres, 200 acres of pepper seed research base, production base of 10 million mu, the annual sales of more than 7600 tons pepper . Annual seasonal placement of more than 4100 women in rural idle, increasing women's income of 4.40 million, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Zhao Fengxia businesses succeed, but always keep in mind folks home. In recent years, she has donated 50 million yuan to help poor to counter poverty, road school, was highly praised by the people. Magic about the success of contemporary women, Zhao Fengxia, said: "Do not fear failure, you sow will be able to get a harvest."