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Xunhua County pepper industry has become the brand industry farmers to get rich
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This year, the Xunhua County formulated preferential policies to develop agriculture 5, to the pepper farm subsidies to 150 yuan per mu, free of charge to farmers for planting mulching films, chemical fertilizers, high-quality Zizhong, guiding farmers to further speed up the land transfer, expanding cultivation scale, at present, the county village of the capsicum plant from the initial concentration of 48 to the current 69 to 7500 farmers to build demonstration plant capsicum base 14, the beneficiary population accounts for 70% of the total population of the county. Featured in the big chili pepper plant scale, while also actively developing line Xunhua County Law circulation industry, to cultivate a "penny red", "Fantasy", "Golden Law" and other industry leading companies and deep-processing enterprise 3, capsicum Association of a positive sign to guide farmers and processing enterprises order to improve farmers access to markets pepper the degree of organization, enhanced ability to avoid and withstand risks, promote the capsicum to the brand, industrial development. Currently, the Xunhua capsicum brand awareness rising, price gains across the board all the way, the price per kilogram of pepper lines to 7 yuan, market hot. Average yield of chili pepper this year, 1,300 kg, the total output reached 32.5 million kg, capsicum is expected to achieve 227 million revenue.