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Poetry in the former Sichuan pepper Zhuyu actually
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Chung Yeung Festival is approaching, many people's minds will emerge out of this famous poem. Then two, talking about the Double Ninth Festival, or wearing body cornel Cornel Sachet climb to show friends and family while the request for disaster prevention in memory of the custom.

Chung Yeung Festival cornel customs thing of the past, but as a cultural memory, it has been retained in the brain, romantic and sad. But most of the Sichuan did not know until the peppers are not into the dishes, that is, a cornel take on the responsibility to Sichuan to provide spicy.


Cornel is the River's "Pepper"

In the Ming Dynasty, pepper was introduced to China before the civil case was the kitchen spicy sauce "HONG" occupy, they are pepper, ginger and dogwood, known as the three major Chinese folk spicy seasoning. In ancient times, the Sichuan people love to eat the fish preserved fish, meat soup, noodles, all seasoned with the spicy food cornel. Therefore, in the Tang Dynasty in the kitchen, hanging from a string of red might do something, but this is not chili, but cornel.

Li Qi Tang Dynasty Poets "September 9 Liu eighth East Church" poem reads: "Customs is still 九日, this situation encore forget. Chrysanthemum provision of bad wine, soup cake (noodles) cornel incense." Like Li Qi Add noodles, Cornel, just as present in the noodles in spicy Sichuan same.

The existing literature

Chengdu, the earliest species of cornel

According to records, Jin Zuo Si in the "Shu Du Fu," writes: "The garden is a konjac, cornel." This is the earliest extant literature of recorded planting dogwood.

In Sichuan, in addition to dry fried pepper, salt foam, etc., there is a special way of eating is to be made from mature oil chilli pepper. In ancient times, can also be made of cornel spicy oil. "Compendium of Materia Medica" introduces a refined spicy oil law cornel, cornel food book said "spicy and bitter, the natives adopted in August, trace filter container, into the lime Jiaocheng, it is called Ai oil, Yiyue spicy rice oil, spicy taste into the food used. "

Clinical validation, cornel inhibited Shigella, typhoid bacillus and certain skin diseases, as well as diuretic, antihypertensive, anti-cancer effect. However, "good, eat," the native of Sichuan, the most valued or its a spicy taste.

Pepper in power

Cornel has been basically out recipes

When introduced into China about the chili, has not been determined, more consistent view is that the Ming Dynasty, from the Americas as an ornamental pepper plant "landing" in China, nearly 100 years, people try to pepper as a seasoning, then, Cornel has gradually pulled out of Sichuanese table.

Expert Yuanting Dong Ba culture, a little of Sichuan cuisine, but even eat around the whole of Sichuan, he has not been found in any food Zhuyu figure, "It's hard see."

It is said that occasionally there would be some Cornel Sichuan hot pot, and several reporters visited Chengdu hot pot restaurants, are not found, a worker asked: "Cornel with a taste of chili you?" In Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Po researcher at Indian Open impression, and now cultivated cornel of Chengdu has been very scarce.

"Biancha least one person" Cornel, leaving only lines in the distant, and the people's memory.

Knowledge to add>>>

There is the spicy "food Cornel" It is also worn by the Chung Yeung Festival

Cornel divided into three types: Evodia, dogwood, food cornel, belong to two different categories of. Pepper into China before the sauce is as spicy food Zhuyu, mainly in Taiwan, China. The first two are traditional Chinese herbal medicines, widely distributed in the country can buy any Chinese herbal medicine market.

Fresh fruit for medicinal cornel, a temperature, the dampness, insecticide, analgesic effect, the ancients had to eat in the Chung Yeung Festival Sachet cornel wear custom made, that can ward off evil spirits.

Celebrity and Cornel>>>

Taiwanese poet Yu Kwang-chung, as born in the Chung Yeung Festival, claiming to be "Cornel's children."

"Cornel" is the contemporary choice for a young poet under the pen name of Hebei, created and published a large number of poems and essays.