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With farmer win-win
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Write down: The company is annual so big crop, certain also to the demand of produce very big? Old: It is really. Include chili, hot pickled mustard tuber, soya bean, rice of what, need 100 thousand tons of right-and-left produce every year probably, defray is controlled in 70 million yuan. Buy summertime chili last month, paid 8.11 million yuan. Chili crop is particularly good this year, average mu crop is in 1500 kilograms, gross 5000 mus chili, you calculate calculate so that how many have! The farmer is planted now the enthusiasm of chili is particularly tall, like Wu Xing village of Ou Dongqiao village, the long Zhu Shan that promote a county plans to expand next year cultivate dimensions. I say with them, you are at ease kind. Because pepper sauce is " in flavour " fist product, we are sure to the demand of chili the conference is bigger and bigger. And we and Changjiang Delta are light industrial university collaboration develops " chili element " extraction, any of several hot spice plants of 10 tons of yellow cherry just extracts element of 1 ton of chili, this needs much raw material. Write down: Many farmers are heard " Chen Weizhong " this name persistently come to an agreement or understanding, see you laugh so that close not approach mouth, can you analyse underlying reason to us? Old: (ah ah laugh) this pours truly, I go every time in the village, the farmer sees me with joy very. Current, our company is in An Ji, long promote, the raw material base that Wu Xing, Na Xun has many mus 5000, bound 25 thousand farmer, add every year for the farmer receive near 10 million yuan. Successive 7 years, "In flavour " execute protective price to buy to the farmer all the time. Say this year of summertime chili buy, what write on the contract is to buy price every jins 1.5 yuan, the value that when can be being bought actually, we give is 2 yuan, and from buy beginning to end is 2 yuan all the time, even if character is bad,also be this price. You calculate, chili is average this year mu produce 1500 kilograms, such farmers are then average every mus harvest is 6000 yuan. "In flavour " go from inside the country, be brought up every day in the support of the farmer. Should go to redound country hard today, develop a rural area, serve a farmer, send rich farmer. Last year, we and government office of civil administration of person of county of Gansu of Sichuan province appearance signed the contract that establishs 20 thousand mus of chili to cultivate base, contributive by protection valence tissue agriculture products is bought 32 million yuan. In the meantime, still invest 15 million yuan to ask for the ground in area of garden of appearance Gansu industry 40 mus, mount a horse a product line of modern thick chili sauce. This also is us to develop a when serve a farmer country, new move! When company of the flavor in leaving, chen Weizhong hopes we can be written write the farmer brother with his stand together regardless of situation. He says, the benefit of the farmer namely the benefit of the enterprise. The farmer was planted thing, if he had a deficit, loss do not have money to be not planted later, the raw material of that company next year also was done not have, final losing still is an enterprise. So, 5% what in last few years the company takes out sale profit every year, regard risk adjustment as fund, use at the loss that allowance fluctuates because of the price and produces to farmer, at present already accumulative total goes to many yuan 1200. Take out capital every year to guarantee the benefit of the farmer from inside profit, the surface looks be like company loss brushstroke profit, but from long-term in light of, the enterprise was on benign development road however, realized win-win with the farmer.
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