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With farmer win-win
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-- dialog " medium flavour brew " president Chen Weizhong

Online dispatch sees lake state every time Chen Weizhong, he has a word only: Be busy! This is not exceptional also. Last week one afternoon, get through Chen Weizhong's phone, this wanting that with him the agreement interviews time, but he says, otherwise comes up with respect to the horse, because be about early in the morning the following day,go out research the market. Then, the four seasons is much that day afternoon, the reporter saw him in office of president of limited company of brewing of the flavour in Zhejiang, had the conversation of a having sth new with this farmer entrepreneur. Reporter (the following abbreviation " write down " ) : Someone says this year first half of the year, arrive in flavor company pick up the goods, cash infiltrates first the money that still can supply an in part only, how can you tell us this is to return a responsibility? Chen Weizhong (the following abbreviation " old " ) : A word, off-season not weak, busy season more flourishing. The sale situation this year is really very good, 90% rely on supermarket sale! Before, came every year in April the sale that September is dressing is off-season, but in these a few months this year, everyday production value is before 34 times. Company everyday ten trucks in and out, I resemble is do those who carry, ah ah... company from the top down has worked overtime continuously two months, just moved 40 people to come over from Sichuan a few days ago, the place that we center quite in ab extra population also was stuck a lot of hire advertisement, the busy season of the market should come immediately. Write down: Why can there be so good sale this year? Old: The key is in a firm product quality and food safety. The quality of our product is better and better. The big supermarket of Shanghai dare be not entered previously, always feel big to urban person does not look to go up our thing. But a few this years we left very great time on quality, roll out a few new products ceaselessly plus us, so product very the consumer reception that gets big city. Quality good value is about tall, this year " in flavour " in the whole nation the total extent that raise price is in each product of big supermarket 20% the left and right sides, but this does not affect a sale, the profit margin August is compared the corresponding period rose last year 11.4% . This year, low class product is in gradually atrophic, the key is to should roll out product of high quality scales. August, we did pilot in a of this locality large supermarket, vinegar of the soy of 50 box high quality scales that result supermarket orders, rice makes work and empty, response is quite good. Write down: Nowadays " in flavour " dish is to do bigger more, the plan with new what to have next? Old: Our company's current sale network has spread all over the whole nation 6000 many supermarkets, sell. Of course, this thank municipal Party committee, municipal government is so old those who come to enterprises of pair of our agriculture bibcock give aid to, if it were not for went to view the world outside, reckon I still am in dozens a few towns of around this circuit are small now small be troubled by! This year second half of the year, our company plans to develop Guangzhou market, this also is us a key this year. The agency there has established Guangzhou now, doing a few early days to work, to the condiment of Guangzhou supermarket the market makes an investigation. On the research and development of new product, we also are in and Changjiang Delta is light industrial the university cooperates, develop " chili element " extraction.
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