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Cling to disease of city treatment chili is reduced compared to the same period
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Dispatch of day hill net (reporter Zhang Hui border report) red chili flushed the day with fiery farmer, chili is not only cling to the main economy crop of basin of city Yan over sixty years of age, still become local farmer to add receive the important pillar that become rich. On August 28, bureau of the agriculture that occupy a city produces data of news division statistic to show, this year, basin of Yan over sixty years of age cultivates chili area to amount to in all 12. 640 thousand mus, relatively on year increase 5. 130 thousand mus, predicting chili total output will achieve 180 thousand tons.

The year after year that grows an area as chili of entire administrative division expands, the happening of chili disease also year after year is aggravating, serious menace is worn chili cultivates production. City agriculture bureau says about chief, since this year, extensive agrotechnical staff is my city to control the happening of chili disease effectively to spread, took 7 step actively, firm seized chili disease precaution and control, make the happening of of all kinds disease got chili be controlled effectively, add for the farmer close become rich laid solid foundation.

According to introducing, this year before spring sowing, each chili cultivated an area to make " before sowing, ill Chinese caterpillar fungus kills precautionary technology " popular science piece broadcast repeatedly in the TV station; The winter that uses science and technology and new-style farmer groom project, chili disease technology of comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment grooms as the key content undertook grooming to the farmer; Built cropland of demonstrative example of prevention and cure of treatment chili disease, pass fan out from point to area, hand helper ground imparts technology of disease prevention and cure; Firm catchs plant diseases and insect pests to forecast forecast job, offer information of happening of plant diseases and insect pests and opportunity of optimal prevention and cure in time for the farmer; Organize technical personnel and farmer actively, with the periphery with begin chili to prevent ill effect better round field has communication of view and emulate; Organize main technique force to enter chili to produce field edge of a field to do good instructor for the farmer; Each district returns technology of the drip irrigation below film of demonstrative promotion chili 9200 mus, solved the ground effectively to irrigate the problem that controls water amount hard.

According to personnel of technology of door of Ministry of Agriculture the bottom came in July the middle ten days of a month was investigated in August, current, cling to disease of chili of treatment of basin of city Yan over sixty years of age is common relatively go up young, mix especially the incidence of a disease of disease of the county of static county, Yan over sixty years of age, epidemic disease that machines chili with large county, virus was reduced substantially last year compared to the same period, it is average under 10 % , to capture bumper harvest of chili high yield laid solid foundation this year.
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