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Green rich is clairvoyant -- multicoloured chili
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Gu Chunling (left) the inquiry is multicoloured the prices of chili

Northeast net breaths out Er together together report is yellow, red, violet, green, green on August 31 the farmer Gu Chunling that 5 kinds chili makes neat city rich pull village of The Hague of Er radical area is glad the ground is disastrous, to find the chili of these multicoloured, she once ran twice to Harbin to plant early or late trade fair, disappointed and return. Today, green rich can let her achieve what one wishes eventually.

In can exhibit a center what the scientific research of agriculture of zoology of neat city make a fresh start of 2 buildings exhibits a stage, when just when business manager Zhang Haiying introduces a few years to join to the reporter,exhibiting results, there is the Chen Guixiang that publicizes sheet crowded to pointing to in the hand exhibit ark, agitato asks: "Does this seed have sell? I am bought. I am bought.. Multicoloured chili is can exhibit the first year to green rich, many farmers come to beg buy a seed. Had not popularized on the market, why does the farmer want to taste this " the first delicacy " ? Nature's mystery of simple and honest Chen Guixiang hit the mark with a single comment, "Village of our The Hague plants this technically, I did not sell in home dish, come on a special trip. This kind of gules big chili, good without this into color sell 3 money 1 jin at least, the chili of other color is done not have because of the market, valence taller. Who is planted first, allow to be able to earn. " business manager Zhang Haiying is laughing to nod, the farmer that will order is this idea.

Green rich can do 7 years, those who buy with what sell, grew 7 years together, everybody and this platform matured. With " serve for agriculture, become rich for the farmer " the neat city make a fresh start that gives priority to aim gives birth to place of voice agriculture scientific research, from special abundant 7 soja, exceed early sweet king cantaloup, to make a fresh start a corn, multicoloured chili, 7 green rich can roll out achievement of more than 10 kinds of scientific research, make scientific research place big reap profit. "The gain that should take high-tech only comes green rich is met, the farmer can be surrounded come over. Attend green rich every year to meet, everybody is immersed oneself in start research and development. " had green rich to meet such platform, zhang Haiying is confident to the development of future of scientific research place.

Green rich of 7 years is met, our city farmer changed, the traditional idea of autarky is little, "Smallholder consciousness " weak, do not have a thing to work from the slack season previously, development arrives to seek the market actively.
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