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The advantage of chili and disadvantage
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[Yangtse Evening Post network news] Shiny green green chili, red chili, it is the vegetable that a lot of people love to eat.

Average person happy event feeds the chili with hot sweet area; Some southern love to eat particularly hot fierce Chao Tianjiao; Northerner loves to eat sweet and not hot lantern any of several hot spice plants mostly. The nutrition of chili is richer, especially the content of vitamin C is very high, in the cogongrass before the name in vegetable, vitamin Cl05 milligram is contained in 100 grams chili.

Chili still has fundamental officinal value. Have a meal not sweet, when appetite decreases, on a few chili are put in dish, can improve appetite, increase appetite. Use to be taken orally of soup of decoct of a few chili alone, can treat the have a poor appetite that causes because of catch a cold catch a cold, abdominal distension abdominal pain. Boil soup to drink with chili and ginger, can treat chill cold again; To holding the patient of indigestion concurrently, particularly appropriate. Why chili can Where is be good at stomach, aid digestion? So it contains a kind of part that calls chili element, antrum of speak or sing alternately and gastric bowel have stimulative effect, can enhance gastric bowel peristalsis so, stimulative digestive juice is secreted, make appetite is improved, can restrain bowel inside unusual ferment, remove the gas of the stockpile in enteron. Have some of chili appropriately, to ranking the person that punishs moisture, precautionary rheumatism and frostbite also have profit.

Although chili abounds nutrition, have fundamental officinal value again, but edible excessive endangers human body health instead. Because overmuch chili element will be acuteness,stimulate gastric bowel mucous membrane, make its height hyperaemia, peristalsis is accelerated, cause stomach-ache, bellyacke, diarrhoea to make anal burn thorn aches, cause gastric bowel disease, make haemorrhoid haemorrhage. Accordingly, the person that every contracts the disease such as esophagitis, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer and haemorrhoid, all should eat less or diet chili. Because the sexual flavour of chili is big Xin Dare, pinkeye, toothache, larynx is so painful, the fervent disease such as furuncle of haemoptysis, sore, or tuberculosis is the hypertensive disease of flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability, ill, also Ying Shen is fed.

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