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Guangdong gives food issue " Sui Feng " card chili oil contains Sudan red
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[dispatch of astral island net] food of Guangdong reappear problem, bureau of Guangzhou city qualitative inspect announced quality of food of the 2nd season to selective examination a few days ago report, discover market " Sui Feng " card chili oil contains carcinogen Sudan red reach 4 one number. Shenzhen respect discovers market conditions is near 4 into tea unqualified, main problem exceeds bid for fluoride and total ash content, among them Pu'er tea fails rate more than most probably.

According to " southern Metropolis Daily " report, be gone out to contain the chili oil with red Sudan to be produced by factory of food of Che Suifeng of hemp of beach of a unit of dry measure for grain that add a city by check, the product with bright-coloured color should take care when qualitative inspect bureau appeals chili of citizen choose and buy is oily.


Shenzhen industrial and commercial bureau selectives examination market in the tea of 80 batch, 47 batch fail, among them 27 are Pu'er tea leaf, basically be label did not make clear the expiration period or manufacturing date, the others tea is planted basically is fluoride and total ash content exceed bid.

It is reported, fluoride exceeds the element such as the zoology environment of mark and tea garden, fertilization to concern. Long-term excessive absorbs human body fluorine element can be brought send toxic, light person disease of tooth of meeting generation fluorine, common calls Huang Ban the tooth; Can produce fluorine bone disease again.

Total ash content exceeds bid basically is to produce an environment to not agree with manufacturing demand, the government asks to produce business to strengthen monitoring, prevent the blame tea such as dirt, clay kind tea of field trash interfuse.