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Raw material price rises greatly chili treatment company is in a dilemma
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"Of the raw material price such as chili, rape oil rise almost ' swallow ' the profit space with entire company, we can be maintained hard only now, also do not know to be able to be maintained how long. " some chili machines Guiyang company controller pours bitter water greatly to the reporter. In interview the reporter understands, last year since second half of the year, go up considerably as the produce price such as chili, rape oil, soja raise, our city " old dry father " wait for ten chili food to machine an enterprise to be immersed in the condition that be in a dilemma.

Company profit space is contractible

As we have learned, as a result of last summer the chili such as Sichuan, Chongqing advocate produce an area to suffer severe drought, chili substantially reduction of output, bring about domestic chili price to rise considerably directly. From 2006 second half of the year begins, domestic dry chili buys price from 2006 first half of the year 4 reach 5 yuan / jin rise current 12 reach 15 yuan / jin; Rape oil price from 2.7 yuan / jin rise 4 yuan of present / jin, the place of chili treatment company such as soja, earthnut must raw material price also rises considerably. In the meantime, suffer the effect that benzine rises in price, the traffic transport costs of the enterprise also rises accordingly.

Guizhou often does dad food limited company is a medium dimensions of our city, the professional dressing that is main raw material with chili produces a business. "Old dry father " the company tells a reporter about chief, because competition of industry of countrywide chili treatment is intense, company profit space is quite little. The company of medium to dimensions will tell, buy valence to achieve 5 yuan when what do chili / jin when, after the enterprise deducts the cost such as salary of raw material, personnel, sale, can score 7% pure gain of the left and right sides only. However, from last year after the raw material such as chili rises in price since second half of the year, the management state of the enterprise worsens quickly, of raw material price rise almost " swallow " the total profit space of the enterprise. "Current, it is do not appear the product is slow-moving wait for unusual situation, reduce manufacturing cost plus careful calculation and strict budgeting, we also can be accomplished constrainedly only protect this management. " Cheng Li of Deng of this company vise general manager says.

Medium and small businesses is in a dilemma

As we have learned, chili food machines the tradition that course of study is our country to machine an industry, have investment doorsill low, processing technique is relatively simple wait for a characteristic. Investment doorsill is low brought about domestic chili to machine industry measure directly numerous, market competition is intense, company profit margin is low.

Face the market with intense competition, a lot of chili machine an enterprise to be able to pass careful calculation and strict budgeting only originally, enlarge dimensions of production, sale to reduce cost, in order to enlarge profit space. Now, the raw material price that the manufacturing chili dressing such as chili, rape oil, earthnut needs rises considerably, and the sale price of dressing of of all kinds chili on the market did not change basically however, raw material price rises considerably brings pressure company can rely on interior to digest only, this makes Guiyang majority medium company of small chili treatment can'ts bear heavy burden.
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