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Eat ice cream drop in temperature the effect all is inferior to chili like that
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 Well-known, fire comes up Oh water, room temperature can decorate an ice high in the house. So, temperature should come high a cold water, cool melon, ice cream ah!

Not! This summer, numerous and top class scientist is the United States you are analytic: Firewood of human body unlike, not be the air of one house more, local drop in temperature, brief perhaps ice stimulation cannot bring abiding cool and refreshing result to the body, can arouse the whole body instead the synergism of many systems, make temperature elevatory. Want to drop in temperature through food, eat ice cream to be inferior to having chili!

American scientist admits, any food under temperature, after entering the body, the action of certain hypothermia reachs since the metropolis.

But not too anxious eat ice cream, because eat,be over subsequent thing may not be of your hope. New York city establishs university stone brook to divide medical treatment of family of school medicine center to teach Joseph Jia Nongli Siku can say: "Enjoy ice cream 15~20 after minute, digestive action begins to undertake, your body should employ much energy, will finish digestive ice cream, absorb nutrition, store the matters concerned such as energy. These complex metabolization processes can let your temperature begin to rise. "

Washington city establishs university food science and human nutrition professor cling to Li Shihuasheng is compensatory respecting: "And, once the body a certain place drops in temperature suddenly, can cause series physiology reaction, the body will quicken haemal circulation, to drop in temperature place sends quantity of heat, let this place return normal temperature. "

So, the ground that chooses ice cream satisfies a craving for delicious food namely, do not count on it again can disappear heat!

So does moisture decreases and temperature have why to concern? Fatigue of professor of nutrition of center of university southwest medical treatment pulls Dekesasi · Shan thinks suddenly, temperature is divided the adjustment of the state by body water, how many what moisture content contains inside your muscle, blood-vessel and cell, can affect temperature.

Shan says suddenly: "The water in the body divides meeting plentiful to the little blood vessel near the skin, shed classics skin shallow-layer when blood when, can send out partial quantity of heat go in the environment, hypothermia. And, enough water branch forms the sweat fluid of plentiful in skin surface, when sweat fluid evaporates, the temperature of the body can be reduced. So, if your filling water is insufficient, perhaps say the your department is in dehydration condition, so the body wants to come loose through blood-vessel heat up or sweat fluid drops in temperature, the metropolis is very demanding. "

Sound be illogical logically it seems that, piquancy food lets population tongue get angry, drop in temperature how possibly! But, piquancy food is in equatorial area otherer than be in area is more popular.
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