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Anhui chili industry does big industry to need a side to help up
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Courtyard of province farming division is horticultural institute assistant director, the State Council is special and subsidiary gainer Zhang Jian's researcher thinks, want to make big chili industry, the government must be mixed in the investment of capital the integrated fluctuation kongfu of resource of science and technology.

He says to the reporter, the benefit of 1 mu of chili is equivalent to the accrual of 20 mus of paddy roughly. What the government is like pair of chili industries to be able to have 6 million yuan every year is devoted, can bring several yuan economic benefits. The chromatic any of several hot spice plants that breeds with this is exemple, every mus throw 3000 yuan, and yield can achieve 30 thousand yuan. Be like the treatment that basically cultivates in Bo city centrally chili again, farmer never has appeared deficit. Although the market appears,fluctuate, but the product is able to bear or endure store up, market risk also can be controlled. But because extensive is cultivated, of Bo state dry any of several hot spice plants mu produce have 300 ~ only 400 jins, get ameliorative when breed, cultivate a technology to get rising, dry any of several hot spice plants mu produce can raise 500 ~ 600 jins. Accordingly, the government should take out special fund to be used at the seed selection of chili breed, producing area gives aid to and of deep process capability rise. Basically give priority to in order to sell season food with chili of countryside of prefectural dragon attending the meeting, want development to must be solved the treatment after collecting is handled and store up last problem, deep treatment and exit achieve the ability inadequacy that collect, can develop way continuously narrower, answer to develop deep treatment mainly, mix in capital attraction give aid to chili property values on policy, take industrialized way.

Zhang Jian suggests, the research and development of new-style chili breed is OK by the province farming division courtyard takes the lead, chili industry position criterion by the province farming appoint responsible, anhui agriculture college can develop chili industry person with ability. Fall in governmental dominant only, just can do jointly together with all possible means big the chili industry that I save. Vegetable establishment helps advance somebody's career expect to give aid to

"Compare circumjacent province, anhui gives aid to to big canopy vegetable strength is small. " Ding Zunkun of vice director of office of project of province food basket expresses, expect to favourable policy comes on stage in the province, give aid to vegetable establishment helps advance somebody's career energetically, strive for make chili establishment helps advance somebody's career inside two years scale by current 60% rise 75% . big industry of small chili make it, pay attention to the education of technical team even. A lot of vegetable produce an area to lack professional technology staff, mound south prefectural vegetable production value is controlled one year in 500 million yuan, but what system of entire county agriculture has not provided this field at present is professional talent. Lack professional technology staff, make the advanced technique receives promotion application hard necessarily. With the county farming appoint vegetable does what vice director Zhang Taibao hopes the government can take canopy shape structure seriously to transform, center limited fund to undertake giving aid to driving, use fund on innovation dot, in order to produce tall beneficial result. Cultivate a hope to have agricultural insurance
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