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Via village of channel of officer of bridal chamber of Na Yong county 3100 mus o
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A few days ago, recommend of Liu Daiyou of agent of association of vegetable of village of channel of officer of bridal chamber of county of classics Na Yong, Chen Shirong, yunnan saves limited company of green of Meng Ziding abundant to come to this village, developed finite liability company to sign 3100 mus of chili to buy a contract with new garden vegetable, add for local vegetable grower close provided strong safeguard.

In recent years, height of bridal chamber countryside takes agricultural industry structural adjustment seriously, rely on border report of Na Yong fire the area of one factory advantage, guide masses actively to develop characteristic to grow line of business, widen the farmer is added close become rich channel, promote " 3 farming " the settlement of the problem. Last year, long channel village " 3 for an organic whole " vegetable base grows vegetable 1500 mus, achieve production value more than yuan 250, net income of average per capita of implementation whole village 2600 yuan; This year only chili cultivates, the area amounts to 3108 mus, predicting production value many yuan 750, net income many yuan 450.

Below the guiding of government of this countryside Party committee, professional association grows the long channel vegetable that held water 2003 ceaselessly expand, member by at the outset 68 people recruit present 952 people, area of greens colza establish is expanded by 180 mus 10820 mus, cover bridal chamber rural area the village of walnut stockaded village of 17 villages and Yang Changzhen, realized association successfully to cross a village, cross villages and towns " double span " type develops, established vegetable of new garden of accept harmony county to expand finite liability company at was being declared on April 26 this year, formed basically " farmer of company consortium base " the industry develops pattern. In the meantime, association is opposite actively with the market receive, hold to " order " road, ensure cultivate farmer stability to add close. Company of unconscious industrial and finite liability, Yunnan is promoted to save fast force to amount to freight with Yunnan early or late since 2005 finite liability company signed order twice, let farmer savor after benefit, saved limited company of green of Meng Ziding abundant to sign with Yunnan again a few days ago buy a contract, found for 3100 mus of chili " husband's family " , aroused a farmer to cultivate vegetable enthusiasm further.