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County of Yunnan inkstone hill is new civilian order chili demonstrative base su
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Hill of inkstone of the last ten-day of a month entered rainy season this year in May, rainwater compares shift to an ealier time of in former years 30 days or so, rainfall was last year June double of the corresponding period, enter July is rainwater fastigium more, and the assault that often receives rainstorm or big torrential rain; New civilian chili order produces demonstrative base is agglutinant red loam, stick bead to weigh, know the difference that appear a gender, encounter overmuch rainfall, edaphic water content often is in exceed saturated position, bring about wilting of water of be soiled of the millet any of several hot spice plants on base, day day any of several hot spice plants, root of any of several hot spice plants breathes without oxygen to death, lay particular stress on of damage caused by waterlogging of a sudden getting wind happens.

Before rainy weather and serious the situation of a disaster, base brainpower and cultivate door adopted production actively to save oneself measure:

One, constituent worker is uncovered reach the ground film around except place of water of small sunken floodwater on low-lying land (because be ground film is enclothed,help advance somebody's career) , portion of facilitating soil water evaporates, alleviate soil is connected appear a gender,

2, constituent masses clears field barrel-drain, deep trench earth up is helped up, undertake ditch drain flooded fields to the plot of low sunken loblolly, reduce field seeper.

3, what bring about chili plant diseases and insect pests to because rainwater passes the climate requirement with much, much wetter high temperature,avoid is big happen, we are used place sweet-and-sour basin to lure moth, farmer of timely organization uses frost mildew epidemic disease grand of bacterium of beauty of blessing of zinc of manganese of make water of clean, frost, anthrax, peaceful is born, 3 Zun ketone, Jia Shuang is clever manganese zinc, fierce gram bacterium, agricultural spirit of streptomycin, evil mildew, A Weigao is chloric, stable.

Through saving oneself after calamity, redeem stricken be hit by a natural adversity loss 50% above, precautionary measures of plant diseases and insect pests is proper, set an example in this on base, did not produce the pathology infectivity disease with more serious harm, except bureau cloth big damage caused by waterlogging dies to plant wilting outside, the way corp is growing of plant of the others chili is normal, already entered at present collect close period.