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Earthen jar installs the way corp is growing of 60 thousand mus of chili good
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Came recently, earthen jar installs prefectural harmony this world to press down demonstrative base of chili of tung wood village and careless pond base of vegetable of Jin Long village attracted a batch of another batch guests to look around to learn and buy vegetable to here, justice county chili does the chili of great achievements again and again and the abide by that tomato lets a long way come, of the person look around that horn of county of abide by justice presses down and Guangxi buy a businessman to be profuse in praise.

Current, earthen jar installs a county the way corp is growing of 60 thousand mus of chili is good this year. Only golden dragon base has 52 size to buy come field undertake making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, buy the price from drive a balance every jins 0.8 yuan already rose every jins 1.3 yuan or so, look from field the way corp is growing, every mus of crop will amount to predicting farmer 12000-20000 jin, production value is in 7000-15000 or so yuan.