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Clear abundant county is received in glory " Chinese chili the first county " ti
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Held on July 9 " 2007 China (Changsha) exposition of international chili industry " go up, with one action of clear abundant county is obtained " Chinese chili the first county " , " the countryside of Chinese chili " , " Chinese chili 100 strong counties " wait for special honour of 8 states level. This is the highest honor that industry of chili of clear abundant county has the honor to win, indicate industry of chili of county of move clear abundant already took door going abroad, trend international market.

Current, chili of clear abundant county cultivates an area to be in 4 years continuously 300 thousand mus of above, recommend promotion early or late " bullet head " , " beneficial Dou Gong " , " new generation " wait for new breed of high grade chili. This county makes chili standardize manufacturing technology standard, build chili of county, countryside, village association and set an example groom, brand attestation, detect, monitoring mechanism, adopt " farmer of + of base of association + standardization " , " + of company + farmer standardizes a service " wait for a variety of means, be supplied in seed, chemical fertilizer and the side such as management, sale is right farming of any of several hot spice plants is unified offer standardization to serve. According to statistic, this county year export is of all kinds bright chili and chili finished products 100 thousand tons, only chili cultivates, entire county agriculture is added close 600 million multivariate. (Wang Shiyong of reporter Duan Baosheng's reporter)

Origin: Edition of Henan daily country