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Your city chili sells as far as to another name for Guangdong Province farming o
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The chili of your city high mountain of accumulation good hill

(The chili of your city high mountain that form a pile)

(The chili that holds good bag holds the fortune outside the car after scale)

City of red net Chen on July 17 dispatch (ball of Zhu Rong of Cao of reporter Liu Yang) your city county is filled with countryside of hole the Yao nationality with " 3 farming " for essential, make full use of relief difference in temperature of taller, day and night is big wait for advantage, adjust agricultural industry structure energetically, cogent in doing good antenatal to produce postpartum service. 2000 mus of Hunan that cultivate this year grind 16, 19, 29 chili happy event reaps a bumper harvest, the product looks at by the eyeball of market of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, everyday crop amounts to many tons 30, average price is every a unit of weight 0.7 yuan, highest when every a unit of weight 0.95 yuan, only this one, local vegetable grower is added every receive 3000 yuan of above.