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Long feed chili to be able to fight a cold, fall hematic fat
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Fight a cold, fall hematic fat, cure has a headache

Any of several hot spice plants kind contain richer vitamin C, iron, calcic, phosphor and vitamin B than orange commonly a group of things with common features, in be like the red pointed chili with every 100 fresh grams, vitamin C content is 144 milligram, occupy the first place of fresh vegetable. Rich vitamin C can control heart disease and coronary artery sclerosis, reduce cholesterol. The β in chili - carotene content is 1390 microgramme, it is to obtain kind of carotene, lutein, corn Huang Zhihe β - one of best origin with jade qualitative cream-colored, they are one of the most effective antioxidant, can make respiratory tract expedite, have the effect that prevents chill cold.

The sort of acrimony stimulation that bites chili readily feels, can make the Fei inside cerebral part secrete whoop, this kind of chemical material can reduce ache and can produce slight pleasure. Recently already somebody takes chili to treat nerve sex to have a headache particularly serious headache symptom, the effect is first-rate.

Chili not only very useful to the person of catch a cold catch a cold of catch a cold, helpful also to adjusting hematic fat to appear. Abroad considers to point out, after mice eats next food that contain a lot ofchili, the triglyceride in blood and low density lipoprotein (the cholesterol that common weighs bad) apparent ground decreased a lot of. Chili contains a kind of special material, can quicken metabolism to burn in order to achieve the adipose effect inside body, have the effect that reduce weight thereby. This kind of material still can be promoted hormonal secrete, have effect of very good hairdressing health care to the skin.

Although rich vitamin C is contained in chili, but as a result of vitamin C not heat-resisting, easy be destroyed, the vitamin C that there can be the majority in cook flows into Shang Zhong or be destroyed, more such in bronze ware, should avoid to use cupreous qualitative appliance as far as possible when cook so.

Although eat chili to have a lot of profit, but, edible chili should right amount, bright chili every time 100 grams, dry chili every time 10 grams are advisable. Edible excessive can endanger human body health instead. Because cross much chili element,meeting acutely stimulates gastric bowel mucous membrane, cause gastralgia, diarrhoea and make anal burn is prickled, cause gastric bowel disease, make haemorrhoid haemorrhage. In addition, contract fervent disease or the patient such as flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability, hypertensive, tuberculosis, sore throat, esophagitis, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer and haemorrhoid all should eat less or diet chili.
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