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Wuhan dressing trade price case general went up two into
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(Hunan day Metropolis Daily) (Zhang Ying of reporter Xiong Xingxing's trainee) yesterday, the reporter visits Wuhan city helm to fall a big market and Chinese mouth discovers when terminal market of the 6 dressing that cross the bridge, a month comes, dressing trade price case general went up two into.

Partial brand dressing rises in price range is bigger, some going up exceed 50% even. The reporter falls in helm terminal market sees the opening, chili pink already from June first every kilograms 10 multivariate go up to more than yuan 30 of present. And small sesame oil of a kind of brand, previously every (360 grams of 12 bottles of × ) trade price is 43 yuan, already went up to now 48 yuan.

Business door people say, suffer rise in price influence, sale glides somewhat. But the brand product that a few credit had spent, sales volume did not suffer too big effect. Basically be a few landed not well-known trademarks by percussive.

Hold the post of a gentleman to be engaged in old dressing managing, he tells a reporter, in him before in the sale, a less known and inferior brand holds big head, the sales volume scale of brand product and product of a less known and inferior brand basically maintains in 2: 3. Increased the sale of brand product now, both sale scale comparatives roughly already.

Be Ied hope the price change of terminal market has not affect completely retail market. The reporter sees in before this a few large supermarkets, it is gallinaceous essence gourmet powder or sesame-seed oil, mature vinegar, soy no matter, the price is fluctuant far not as good as terminal market, supermarket staff member says, of wholesale link rise in price the element was digested by supermarket proper motion more at present.

Supermarket respect discloses, already followed suit to the minority inside the supermarket the dressing that rise in price, most consumer took wait-and-see attitude, sales volume glides apparent.